Bobby Henebry, CFA is a global speaker, entrepreneur, leadership facilitator, investor, musician, and passionate helper of people the world over! After spending 11 years in a traditional investment firm where he was a partner, he chose to reinvent himself through his own entrepreneurial pursuits while traveling to over 30 countries in the span of two years.

In 2016, Bobby founded HBCC, LLC, an Ethereum mining operation that evolved to working with startups and then speaking around the world to educate business groups on blockchain and digital assets. In addition, he now runs inspirational workshops and presentations for people that want to live more into their unique purpose in this life.

He has extensive experience as a speaker, moderator, and co-panelist in a range of formats. Bobby is also a passionate musician and in 2017 founded the YouTube channel, Chord Savvy, a music education platform. In addition, Bobby is currently…


Sameer Somal

Bobby Henebry is a memorable speaker and blockchain & cryptocurrency expert. A leader of learning and natural with people. I have referred Bobby to several friends for consulting engagements. His educational approach to providing clarity and helping others make the most informed decisions clearly defines him as a leader on this asset class.

Sameer Somal

Lora Saalman

Bobby Henebry has a wealth of knowledge on blockchain and cryptocurrency. He is adept at taking complex phenomena and breaking them into understandable components. recommend his talks as informative and engaging for any audience.

Lora Saalman

Paul Auslander

Bobby has the unique ability to discuss a complicated subject in simple terms. Listeners come away smarter as a result because the information he dispenses is immediately useable. Bobby is wise beyond his years and a
resource to any one, or any group, with whom he interacts.

Paul Auslander



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